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Starblast io

Starblast io

Starblast io

About Starblast io

Starblast io is a space-themed shooter that's addictive. You take control of a basic ship and collect gems to improve your stats. After you have reached the maximum stats for a particular ship, you can choose to upgrade your model to another type of spaceship with a different weapon set/overall stats.

You can either play passively and avoid other players, or you can go aggressively and attack others while they are roaming or farming. This is definitely more fun. I have found that larger ships tend to have more friends than they need, either because they are afraid of being destroyed or because they just know someone.
You have two options to control your ship in this game. Either you can fire with space bar and use arrow keys to move around, or you can use the mouse. You can navigate with your mouse by pressing right click and moving while shooting with left click. I prefer this option because you have more control over your movements.
Starblast.io, a futuristic space shooter IO video game in which you control a spaceship. You can collect power ups by mining, fighting and upgrading your spaceship with crystals. Fly around space to collect as many diamonds possible to upgrade your speed, agility, regen, damage and speed. You can explore a new dimension with this game. Shoot your enemies with your spaceship to take out their evil plans. Also, try to make the most of every moment to gather more gems for upgrades. Are you up for the spacey adventure?

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